Thursday, 25 March 2010

Golden Progressive Vol. 5 !

Hi guys!

A week goes fast and soon the weekend is here yet again. What is better than a bunch of promo tracks for your ears? Nothing we think so today we have a big post for you with promos again, especially to you from us. Usually we put together our promo mixes with about 10 tracks in them but today we can’t do that because we have so much that we want to show you here on PP. Today’s promo mix includes the double amount of tracks. That will say we got 20 smokin’ hot tunes for you right here, right now! More than 2 hours of the best coming progressive music that will be out soon!

What’s in it then today?

Well we got massive stuff coming up here. If you gave our latest Pure Sessions a listen you will recognize the coming remix from superstars Michael Cassette on Luke Porter & Medway’s coming monster tune Clarity, total banger! Always remember to tune in on Pure FM to give our mixes a listen there!

We will also today show you coming stuff with productions or remixes from Atrium Sun, Soarsweep, Domased Electronica, Sezer Uysal, and M.A.Z.7 to mention some of the great things that is included today. Just check the tracklist below and see for yourself if you find something interesting, we think there will be stuff for you to check out. Remember, we on PP always try to give you the best information about what is happening on the progressive scene and we hope you all will enjoy what we do. Drop some comments for us, artists, labels etc. to give your opinion about what they will release for you all in the future.

DOWNLOAD Golden Progressive Vol. 5

Tracklist / 192 / Kbps / 122.22

01. Tom Lue – Peak Of Dawn (Original Mix)
[Morphosis Records]
02. M.A.Z.7 – Late Summer Fields (Original Mix)
[Green Snake Records]
03. Kahraman – Peep (Eyecorp Remix)
[Sharktone Recordings]
04. Michael Witness Feat. Stine Grove – Tranquility (Soarsweep Remix)
[Spring Tube]
05. Agustin Aguirre – Drekkar (Original Mix)
[Spherax Records]
06. Luke Porter & Medway – Clarity (Michael Cassette Remix)
07. Domased Electronica - Ganga (Michael Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix)
08. Gleb DV – Questions (Original Mix)
[Magnetic United]
09. Max Fusion – Impulse (Sezer Uysal Remix)
[Sharktone Recordings]
10. Zack Roth – Peahi (Paul Kieran Remix)
[Bellarine Recordings]
11. Arctic Night – Ancien City (Original Mix)
12. Mars Needs Lovers – Before The Storm (Atrium Sun Remix)
13. Loco-Volver – Monkey Invaders (Original Mix)
14. Sasha Le Monnier - Inspired By Those (Mario & Eric J Remix)
[Source Of Gravity Digital]
15. Teana & Tiida - Good Afternoon (Original Mix)
[Magnetic United]
16. Pete Frost – Long Way Down (Original Mix)
[Facetious Records]
17. M.A.Z.7 – Summer CafĂ© (Original Mix)
[Green Snake Records]
18. Mosahar - Spiritual Dancing (Original Mix)
[Sharktone Recordings]
19. Steve Mill - Vive La Resistance (In Plain Sight Remix)
[Mistique Digital]
20. Styller - What Happened Once (Original Mix)
[Mistique Digital]


  1. 2 Hours of pure madness !


  2. thanks for the cassette, these guys are bound to get huge by this summer :)

  3. Eyecorp remix is fantastic! thanks