Saturday, 6 February 2010

Dinka In The Mix – Helvetic Nerds Radio Show Episode 017

Dinka In The Mix – Helvetic Nerds Radio Show Episode 017

1. Chris Reece & The Sultan Of Zurich - Sultan Of Zurich (Breakfast Mix) Unreleased Digital
2. F-Junior ft. Lori Glori - OYEO (Jam Janiro Dub Mix) Enormous Tunes
3. Rino Cabrera - Best Of Me (Leventina Remix) Unreleased Digital
4. EDX - Rubin (Abel Ramos Remix) PinkStar
5. Dinka - Green Leaf (Club Mix) Unreleased Digital
6. Good Intention - Calimba (Original Mix) Unreleased Digital
7. Daniel Portman &Rino Cabrera - Sumatra (Matan Caspi & Eddy Good RMX) Unreleased Digital
8. Matisse & Sadko - Aforia (Original Mix) Enormous Tunes
9. George F. Zimmer - All Night Long (Original Mix) Enormous Tunes
10. Stanley Ross - One Of These Days (James Bond Bootleg) Enormous Tunes

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  1. all tracks from the release RARE CUTS VOL.4 - ROYAL EDITION by UNRELEASED DIGITAL from october 2009!!
    why nothing new??

  2. I noticed this very well mate! hehe Indeed all tracks from Rare Cuts Royal Edition.
    Well i'm not sure i know answer to your question but i'll try to it: Chris is very busy last few months in the studio (especially this january) - he is finishing his tracks for upcoming album on Armada. Actually he finished it (as last day in the studio dedicated to album stuff) on friday - so when this show was broadcasted. So i guess he was very very busy and that even he is not one who mixed this show. So i guess he is in mess and just didnt had time for one perfect show. I'm sure it will be better in March! ;))))

  3. dinka is perfeckt like always....