Friday, 26 February 2010

[UPCOMING] Adam K & Soha - Save Us Now EP [HBD018]

Fresh from the minds that brought you the international hit "Twilight" and the legendary remix of Reflekt's "Need To Feel Loved" comes the much anticipated "Save Us Now EP".

Adam K & Soha return with a stunning 3 track EP of fresh original material. The title track, "Save Us Now" is already a YouTube phenomenon with 11,000 views of a small sample of the track! Combing an epic chord progression with rolling synths and a captivating melody this is classic Adam K & Soha and is destined to be a global sensation.

"Nothing Is Wrong" showcases more of the electronic edge of their progressive sound with sawed off synths playing around the dreamy melody for a tougher, big room vibe.

Closing out the EP "Beyond The Horizon" takes on a smooth vibe like a fine Iberican sunset. Dancing chords are dotted with an addicitve bell lead and the winds sweep you away. A breath of summer to warm up these cold winter nights.

Official release date of Save Us Now EP is March 10, 2010 at

Here are some exclusive previews from 3 featured tracks on this ep:

1. Save Us Now (Original Mix) direct download
2. Beyond The Horizon (Original Mix) direct download
3. Nothing Is Wrong (Original Mix) direct download

Here are some feedbacks & support received on this upcoming EP:

Jerome Isma-Ae [Armada | Germany]
The new ep sounds great, Nothing Is Wrong is my fav.

Matt Darey [Nocturnal Radio | UK]
All solid tracks, Beyond the Horizon is my fav.

Gareth Emery [Garuda | UK]
Massive EP here guys, keep them coming!

EDX [Pinkstar, Sirup | Switzerland]
LOVE THE TUNES! Will be playing Save Us Now and Nothing Is Wrong in my next sets.

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  1. Save Us Now (Original Mix) is a banger..TNX for exclusive stuff! Will be waitin on it.

  2. Its our job that the Save us now have 11k views allready :)

  3. Hey Pat I want this somebiatch now...all 3 tracks....focking Killers they are!