Tuesday, 16 February 2010

B.O.N.G. - Bong Styles [SS003]

Seems like argentnian progressive beast B.O.N.G [Armada, Unreleased Digital, Silk Digital, Sick Watona] is stronger then ever! After gaining huge support from players such as James Grant, Gareth Emery, Mark Pledger, Daniel Portman, Matt Rowan (to name a few), he is back on Spirit Soul Records with none less then a 7 tracks LP album called "Styles"! Its a mix compilation of some of the styles B.O.N.G is truying out these days - and he is doing it great!

Opening tracks called "Criticals" is usual B.O.N.G style: lovely warm melody driving by some nice basslines and cool piano background. Perfect tracks for lots of upcoming summer joys! Next one, "Skywalkers" - beautiful melody with some dreamy piano chords - this one brings u to sky for sure! "Praia Da Rosa" follows the same melodic line, but now more faster to warm up for the next "techier" part of the Styles! "Origamy" is classic dancefloor banger - already tested on some dancefloor and already ganed massive response! In "Spirit Soul" track B.O.N.G shows us he just cant escape his melodic essence. Another prog/tech club banger mixed with dreamy melody in break! And finally, last but not least, "Nuclear" goes deeper with some massive smooth and rolling basslines! Dancefloor madness guaranteed with this one!

All in all, massive project from B.O.N.G now thats for sure! Be sure to check it and purchase some of it, support is greatly appreciated! As u can all see - B.O.N.G is the guy to watch for in 2010!

DOWNLOAD B.O.N.G. - Bong Styles [SS003]


  1. Love your music!! Respect from India! (L)

  2. B.O.N.G - Praia do Rosa, the 'keys' of this music, that we can hear at the minute one for example, reminds me a classic prog from 2008 ou 2007, but i cannot remember which is. Helpppp me.