Monday, 16 November 2009

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 7 !

Yet again it’s time for some music for download for all of you. It’s time for another episode of 15 Progressive Eruptions, today it’s Volume 7 that hits you!

In it for the day, we show you Claes Rosen, Maxi Valvona with Darin Epsilon on the remix. Also Escadia will figure with an amazing tune. Canadian monster producer Dezza is also with us with 2 tracks. Swedish youngster Johan Wedel is showing his coming release that should be out soon. It’s signed to Jonas Sellbergs label: Joia Records. Laidback Luke is also in the mix to mention a few. So there is nothing more to do than downloading it and enjoy a progressive ride that we hope you will enjoy big time!

15 Progressive Eruptions – Volume 7!

Quality: 192 Kbps

Time: 90.52

Tracklist – Links - Labels

01. Claes Rosen - Funktion (Original Mix)
LINK - [Why Not]
02. Laidback Luke & Gregor Salto - Step By Step (Big Room Mix)
PROMO - [Stealth Records]
03. Cez Are Kane - D.E. (Irvin 54 Remix)
LINK - [Sensetive Square]
04. Fernando Ferreyra - Far Away From This Galaxy (Original Mix)
LINK - [Jetlag Digital]
05. Gran Vitaly - Something Wrong (Original Mix)
LINK - [Musictracx Recordings]
06. Escadia - Paper Clips (Original Mix)
LINK - [System Recordings]
07. Alexsey Beloozerov - October (Original Mix)
LINK - [Pitch Music]
08. Dany – Feelings (Original Mix)
LINK - [Bluetrance Records]
09. Maxi Valvona – Revolve (Darin Epsilon Remix)
PROMO - [Microcastle]
10. Harry Brown & Nathan C. - Soul Children (Instrumental Mix)
PROMO - [Beneath Records]
11. Chris Drifter - Andrea (Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix)
PROMO - [Soundtribe Rekords]
12. Dezza – Clear To Start (Original Mix)
LINK - [1980 Recordings]
13. George Boberg – Chase Me (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Panda Recordings]
14. Johan Wedel - Hehe (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Joia Records]
15. Dezza – Take You Home (Original Mix)

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