Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Eddie Sender - Asbjorn Hegdahl OUT NOW!!

An absolute cracker from Eddie Sender with rising Norweigan star, Asbjorn Hegdahl, on the remix. Such a beauty! Released today on Camouflage Belgium, You can listen to it below!

Eddie Sender - Teddie Bear (Asbjorn Hegdahl Remix) (Preview)

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  1. dear friends, do not understand your position, and adding components, or with low quality, we seek all good music quality and minimum 320.No understand why you have not closed this blog as did Abri, is much better! not buried alive blog!

  2. dear friend ;) good quality you can hear in mixtape's or if u want all good music quality go on Beatport and buy it ! we dont wanna kill progressive business !
    We want support this style so we choose for you the best progressive on Earth !
    Jasik / Pure People

  3. Anonymous: Well we can in a way understand your bitterness and we are ok with that, we understood that it would happen. That is some thing we have to take. We know loads of people seek for quality and full 320's. The quality is still here and i think you also know that but that we don't share full tracks anymore is something that you must understand, is not a descision you can take to us, it's something we do. We think what we do is the best thing for the progressive scene. Then that some people can't take that and want everything for free (like you), thats something we can't do much about. Pure People is a great place, and will still be if you have an interest in progressive music. If you just are here because that you want full tracks in 320 quality, well then i am sorry to say that this aint the place for that anymore. It's a free world and you take your descisons what pages you want to visit. You're still welcome to visit us if you are intrested in the music if your biggest priority isn't to download tunes someone worked hard for to publish.

    Freddie/ Pure People

  4. I understand your position, but think it would be better to change our qualitative music! know your work well, and I work on! Thanks for that is, only better.)