Saturday, 21 November 2009

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 8 !

The weekend has come and that is a period of the week we feel good about here at Pure People. It is again time to hand over a new set of 15 Progressive Eruptions to you. Volume 8 has landed, today is a little of everything and there are some really sick tracks included.

Among others, new tunes from Schodt, Dinka, David Guetta & Arias on the remix, to avenge some of the tunes that’s included. Of course we want to show off a few promos which will be released in the future also, one already mentioned. An awesome is getting a play from us, coming release from Beneath Records, Ben Prestons label, from a Scottish guy named Roy McLaren. Sick tunes in this upcoming release, so we at Pure People, of course, shows up both to you, dancefloor destroyers aka Leventina/Dinka style!!

Also a tune I know many progressive fans are waiting for, from Type were they celebrate the summer as everyone should, what would life have been without it? Really nice vibes in this track that will be released (to my knowledge) on 27 of November. A little before that, new Antonia Lucas together with Walsh & Mcauley will be out on Juno (on the 23rd of November), one of the sweetest voices on earth and this one is no exeption, great once again from Antonia! Give it a listen here in our set.

There is also a lot of other progressive music but check out the tracklist and you'll see what we show you this time. We hope you find something you like and want to support!

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 8 !

Quality: 192 Kbps

Time: 94.30

Tracklist - Labels - Links

01. Luiz B. – Song Of Life (Soundstorm Remix)
LINK - [Silk Digital Records]
02. Type - Salute To Summer (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Shah Digital Germany]
03. Roy Mclaren – Avalon (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Beneath Records]
04. Dinka - Silicone Heart (Original Mix)
LINK - [Unreleased Digital]
05. Fiora May – Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)
LINK - [The Clubbers]
06. Schodt – Octagon (Original Mix)
LINK - [Cool Vibes Records]
07. Walsh & Mcauley Feat. Antonia Lucas - Sea Of Lights (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Magic Island Holland]
08. Mad Morello & Marcodream - Sunset (Original Mix)
LINK - [Baccara]
09. Roy Mclaren - Seperation (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Beneath Records]
10. Ivan Miranda – The Longest Road (Original Mix)
LINK - [Lectro Chik]
11. Serdar Ayyildiz - Mystified (Original Mix)
LINK - [Silvana Records}
12. Kei Mohebi - Perspolis (Inkfish's I Shot The Polis Mix)
LINK - [Inkfish Recordings]
13. Lacandon - Moma Robinja (Maindave Remix)
PROMO - [Jetlag Digital]
14. Bart Van Wissen - Cosmic Superhero (Original Mix)
LINK - [Why Not]
15. David Guetta Feat. Estelle - One Love (Arias Remix)


  1. Thanks branka, we are happy for letting us know that you like it!


  2. Hvala na podrsci Branka! Znace nam komentari /Thanks for support Branka!Comments really means to us/ =))

  3. thnxxx for the support bro :D

  4. KEI MOHEBI - Perspolis (Inkfish's I Shot The Polis Mix)

    Ovo nije normalno kako je dobra stvar. Jer ima možda netko samu stvar da je digne negdje,bila bih stvarno zahvalna.