Friday, 20 November 2009

Mango Alley Sampler [ALLEYS001]

Mango Alley is proud to present its first ever "sampler" -- a collection of tunes that represent the many dimensions of the label's sound, as well as its vision for the future. In celebration of the label's one year anniversary, this special package showcases the work of fifteen of the brightest stars in progressive and tech house, including label veterans Luke Porter, Cid Inc., Solarity, Bale and Voltaire, and Lank.

Over the past year, Mango Alley has garnered a similar reputation to the work of its namesake and owner-manager, Alex "Mango" Golovanov: innovative progressive music that challenges standard conventions of the genre. The label has sought out both established and up-and-coming talents who continue to push the boundaries of their own sound, as well as that of progressive music in general. In an era of both over-saturation and fierce competition in the label arena, Mango Alley has quickly emerged as one of the most consistent imprints in creativity, sophistication, and overall quality.

DOWNLOAD Mango Alley Sampler [ALLEYS001]


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  1. This is just an awesome release, really love those tracks =)