Saturday, 28 November 2009

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 9 !

It’s the Saturday that once again has hit us and what is better than some really great progressive to listen to before it’s time to go clubbin’. Another Volume (number 9) of 15 Progressive Eruptions is available for download to all of you. Some great smashing progressive house is there for you that includes both released music and promotional stuff.

Included today is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Opening track is the new track from Luke Porter (included in latest Mango Alley Sampler). After that we go on with a promo, a coming release from a guy with the name Gadel Khaertdinov, some brilliant progressive music (will be released on Bomba Records) and one of my absolute favourites in the latest months, maybe in the last year. Freaking awesome!!

Out as number 3 in this PP Mix is another promo for you. This time JS Project and Daniel Rems shows their skills in a truly massive progressive release, just turn your volume up, close your eyes and then imagine that you are meeting her eyes. Killer tune if you enjoy the progressive sound! We move some more minutes into the mixtape and land on tune number 4, here we find a release from San Diego based Zachary Zamarripa, called Tempting Faith. I already posted about this release on PP and I also had to play it here. Truly great stuff that just been played on and on from me. Huuuge!

As the fifth tune we are proud to play a coming release from Sweet & Sour that soon will be released on a label called Limeroads, yet again top notch progressive music that you get a glimpse off here @ Pure People. Next up as number 6 is a great tune, included on the same release as the opening track of Luke Porter, Mango Alley Sampler. This time we have brought Vadim Zhukov and his tune named Summer Rain. You people that have enjoyed the progressive music scene, knows that Vadim is a man that always drops quality music and there is no doubt this time either.

A new label is out there on the scene called Spirit Soul Music. Their first release was the great one from Solila called Light Step. Here our friend from Argentina B.O.N.G, the man behind Spirit Soul Music (together with Phunktastike) shows a coming release from that label with Lea D called Rising Moon. Great sound again from Lea D & Mr. B.O.N.G.!!

As number 8 in the set, we want to show you a released track from Chimera State called Crimson Rain. It was released 3 days ago on Shah-Music Digital. This is something that we really want to support so here it is. Massive stuff yet again from a massive label. Next up, as number 9, is a huge tune that also is out for sale. Huge stuff from Mac & Monday with a stunning remix from the well-known Arpi, big tune that is growing in my ears and will be played a lot from me in the future.

A few minutes before the hour market number 10 out of 15 is brought to you. This is a tune that have been out for a few months but here is a new and still unreleased remix that will be out soon on Frisky Records. We’re talking about Cid Inc and his great piece of progressive called Tundra White. This time it got in the hands of Nemanja Kostic and we all know with he can do. He’s a very productive guy that’s a rising star on the scene. This is no exception, top class act from Nemanja! When we go over the hour market, it is time to welcome an act from Da Groove Doctors that is a released tune. This one is out on the label of Soltrenz Records. Really driving & energetic tune that we like a lot on PP. Further into the mix, another unreleased tune has landed in our mailbox and of course, if we think this could be something for the progressive scene to watch out for, we show it! This is another banger from a very, very good producer from Hong Kong called AxisONE. What can I say, this is really good stuff that edges in to the head and there it stays. Great chords!

As third from the end we show you a track that we know something about but that is still so far ahead in the planning that it’s not named yet. The sound we think you can recognize and it’s once again the huge progressive elements that are waiting for a sales date. Hopefully it will show up because it’s great and heavy stuff. As number 14 we show up a class act from Germany with the guys called Bale & Voltaire and their share for this 9th volume of tunes. This one called Schnittstelle and is also out on the Mango Alley Sampler that went for sale a couple of days ago. Just go and grab your copy of this great track. Last but not least we round everything up with a total banger from Solarity with their latest out on Beatport, called Laika and on the remix we have Arty that shows his skills.

We at PP hope you have enjoyed about 1 and a half our of some of the freshest tunes around and that this could be used as a warm up for the night!

Keep in touch / PP Crew!

15 Progressive Eruptions – Volume 9!

Quality: 192 Kbps

Time: 92.52

Tracklist - Links - Labels

01. Luke Porter – Passive Aggressive (Original Mix)
LINK - [Mango Alley]
02. Gadel Khaertdinov – Paradise Island (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Bomba Records]
03. Js Project Feat. Andres Cuartas - Meeting Her Eyes (Daniel Rems Remix)
PROMO - [Conco Recordings]
04. Zachary Zamarripa - Tempting Faith (Santerna Remix)
LINK - [Smü[th] Digital]
05. Sweet & Sour - Thinking Of You (Original Mix)
PROMO - [Limeroads]
06. Vadim Zhukov - Summer Rain (Original Mix)
LINK - [Mango Alley]
07. Lea D - Rising Moon (B.O.N.G. Remix)
PROMO - [Spirit Soul Music]
08. Chimera State - Crimson Rain (Original Mix)
LINK - [Shah Music Digital]
09. Mac & Monday Pres. Senua - Rheia (Arpi Remix)
LINK - [Neuoroscience Deep]
10. Cid Inc - Tundra White (Nemanja Kostic Remix)
PROMO - {Frisky Records]
11. Da Groove Doctors Feat. Duane Harden - Music Is (Instrumental Mix)
LINK - [SolTrenz Records]
12. AxisONE -80's Love (Original Mix)
13. ID – ID
14. Bale & Voltaire - Schnittstelle (Original Mix)
LINK - [Mango Alley]
15. Solarity - Laika (Arty Remix)
LINK - [Enchanced Progressive]


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