Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Starchaser - Fate 2009 [CP125]

Really massive rework of a cult track Fate by Starchaser dudes Thomas & Fausto! As usual from these guyz, some disco melodies packed into a great happy progressive drive. The tune played several times by Paul Van Dyk!

DOWNLOAD Starchaser - Fate 2009 [CP125]


  1. nije ti owo loshe nekako weselo zwuchi ali D je D :))))

  2. WTF is Passenger 14? Where the Fock is Stevo what has happened here Sir Patrick?

  3. What is is that you find boring? I can tell you a little bit what has happened. First, Steve left this site a long time ago, he didn't have the time for it any more so he quit this with blogging. Second, Passenger 14 is another member that is a progressive fan, that's why he writes here, making posts about music that he likes, it's the same as all others do here. Third, we think we understand what you mean with boring, but if you want you can always explain. We think you mean that it's because we don't give away music that someone has worked hard for to create. That's not a thing we want to do anymore and is something we choose, not you. We want to support the artists instead. That's something we hope people will do in the future, same with you but i have my doubts. If you don't like it here at Pure People, don't visit us, we don't want you here if you are only here because you want music for free. If you are intrested in progressive music, and want to learn more,listening to new fresh releases/promos (in our mixtapes) then you are more than welcome to us.

    Kind Regards / Pure People