Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dinka - Helvetic Nerds 014 !!

Okay, the master himself has been on his toes again, thanks for dropping this Milo! ;)

Once again it's time for Dinka were he shows a lot of great stuff. The ruler of the progressive world is back with another smashing set, Dinka In The Mix - Helvetic Nerds 014 !


Quality: 128 Kbps

Time: 58.11

Dinka In The Mix - The Helvetic Nerds 014 !


1. Dinka - Scarlet (Chill Out Reprise)
[Enormous Tunes]
2. Dinka - The Celtic of Scotland (Original Mix)
[Enormous Tunes]
3. Atlantis Ocean - Quicksilver (Original Mix)
[Cool Vibes Records]
4. Passenger 10 - Trust In You (Original Mix)
[Unreleased Digital]
5. Dinka - Canonball (Claes Rosen Remix)
[Unreleased Digital]
6. George F. Zimmer - Awake (Original Mix)
[Enormous Tunes]
7. Claes Rosen - A Bit Odd (Original Mix)
[Unreleased Digital]
8. Dinka - Road To Perdition (Original Mix)
[Unreleased Digital]
9. Leventina - Attitude (Original Mix)
[Unreleased Digital]
10. Chris Reece - Let Freedom Ring (Bootleg Mix)
11. Daniel Portman - Back To The Underground (Original Mix)
[Unreleased Digital]
12. Stanley Ross - Megaphone (Original Mix)
[Enormous Tunes]

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  1. Can't find 'Chris Reece - Let Freedom Ring (Bootleg Mix)' anywhere?!?! Help. I would actually buy this tune.