Saturday, 24 October 2009

15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 1 !

Hi Pure People visitors!

Time for yet another mixtape with top notch progressive tunes from across the globe. Maybe there’s something that’s new to you, we think so. The mixtape include music for almost 100 minutes. I will make a promise today; it includes some massive stuff from the scene we love, the progressive house/trance scene.

We hope this will be a way to keep real progressive lovers to our page because that’s what we want, even though we don’t post full tracks anymore. To us it’s important to have people around us that do like we do, feeling the love for progressive music, not only getting tunes for free. We think this will be a way to keep those people informed and updated with some of the smoking hot tunes that’s newly released or will be out in the future. Drop comments & let us know what you think about it!

Today’s mixtape includes both unreleased and released material. Some real sick progressive bangers from Edu, Khomha, CJ Peeton, Chris Montana & Tom Chris to name a few that will feature!

If you like something, support the people that are making this possible, the producers, artists & the labels.


15 Progressive Eruptions - Volume 1!

I f you want to listen to Volume 1 @ Soundcloud, click HERE !

Quality: 192 kbps

Time: 99.29

Tracklist - Links - Labels!

01. Hysteria! - Move On (Portlandt Remix)
LINK - [Shah - Music Digital]
02. Fernando Ferreyra - Angels Whispers (Original Mix)
LINK - [Jetlag Digital]
03. Tom Chris Feat. Candice - Perfection (Extended Mix)
LINK - [Ma Jolie Musique]
04. David Murtagh - Luminous (Paul Rigel Remix)
LINK - [Neuroscience Recordings]
05. Benjani - Fly (Khomha & Eddy Karmona Remix)
LINK - [Deepocean]
06. Sebastian Garuti - Wiles (Original Mix)
LINK - [Jetlag Digital]
07. Mario Ochoa - Wizard (Original Mix)
LINK - [Avenue Recordings]
08. Orange - Bounty (CJ Peeton Remix)
LINK - [Andromeda Recordings]
09. Edu - Warm Touch (Original Mix)
PROMO [Nellie Recordings]
10. Arc Feat. Lorraine - Something To Believe In (Feeltz Remix)
LINK - [Dangerbox Recordings]
11. Khomha - Keep My Feelings (Sunrise Mix)
LINK - [Converge]
12. Chris Montana - Dirty Shake (Rocking J Remix)
LINK - [S2G Productions]
13. Cosmo Feat. Meighan Nealon - Naked (Yuan Remix)
LINK - [Lyon Echo Records]
14. Steve Brian - Starlight (Original Mix)
LINK - [Lange Recordings]
15. Lauma - Mojito (Original Mix)

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