Sunday, 18 October 2009

PureFreddie Goes Progressive!


Once again it is time for us to show some great stuff on the progressive scene. There is so much great stuff at the moment I think!

Today there will be some really cool stuff, including great work from Lea-D, Erik Hakansson, 3ARTES (we showed this tune in our exclusive mixtape in May, tomorrow is the release day) Hypnotic Duo, Pete Griffiths (maybe tune of the year, I simply can’t stop listening to this one), Jasper Jinx, Santiago Deep, Moti Brothers & Human8 to name some that is included in this mixtape. Some of it ain’t released yet so there is something in here to look forward too. I think it will fit your progressive ears. Give it a listen and see for yourself!


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PureFreddie Goes Progressive! / 192 / 62.35

01. Jasper Jinx – After Eleven (Original Mix) LINK
02. Moti Brothers – Secret Feelings (Human8 Remix) LINK
03. Pete Griffiths – Speak The Secret (Original Club Mix) LINK
04. Lea D – Perception Of Surface (Original Mix) LINK
05. Erik Hakansson - Morning Light (Marcus Gauntlett Remix) LINK
06. Paramatma - When You're Around Me (Santiago Deep Remix) LINK
07. Polly - Full Moon (Hypnotic Duo Remix) LINK
08. T-Pe3 - Hourora (Original Mix) LINK
09. Dave & Oliver – Fascinante (Original Mix) LINK
10. 3ARTES Feat. Wei Yun Lin – Andromeda (Original Mix) PROMO

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