Monday, 10 May 2010

EDU - Purple Rose / Sweet Amber [NELLIE049]

Take a look at EDU’s latest journal entry, “Purple Rose / Sweet Amber” - a page filled with stories of both melancholy and elation.

Purple Rose is a blue-blooded piece that narrates the tales of a bleak day. Listen carefully; this track has lots of desolations to tell. Contrasting the former, Sweet Amber delivers positive aura of a sunny day with its heartfelt melodies.

Eldar Abdulajev, whom we know as EDU, quickly establishes himself as an indispensable member of Nellie Recordings with his third EP, “Purple Rose / Sweet Amber”.

DOWNLOAD EDU - Purple Rose / Sweet Amber [NELLIE049]

Purple Rose (Original Mix)

Sweet Amber (Original Mix)

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