Saturday, 1 May 2010

Something Good - Solence / 1:28 AM / Cielo [NELLIE048]

Yet another release from the great Swedish label, Nellie Recordings, is out in the digital stores. This time we get an amazing release with 3 different tracks from Finnish duo Otto Yliperttula & Karolus Viitala aka Something Good. This the follow up to the very happy release called La Biankini and to be honest, this one is even better. Amazing progressive tracks, full with energy, melodic & uplifting elements that will make you go nuts. Just go ahead and support this massive release, it's well spent money boys & girls.

DOWNLOAD Something Good - Solence / 1:28 AM / Cielo [NELLIE048]

Solence (Original Mix)

1:28 AM (Original Mix)

Cielo (Original Mix)

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