Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sultan - G Stringz (Egostereo Mix) [GUSUM 2DIG]

If there is a label on which we can for sure say that it is an icon of modern underground progressive house - than it is Global Underground without any doubts.

The days are longer and sunnier, the green shoots are sprouting all around… and Global Underground’s latest collection of killer dance cuts today hits the download stores. Spring is the season of excitement!

GU Spring Collection’ is a digital-only compilation of 10 red hot new tracks and remixes from a cross section of heavyweight GU artists. It serves as a taste of what is coming up over the next few months and is a fantastic opportunity to buy a tidy bundle of 10 tracks, seasonally primed for springtime dancefloor devastation.

From Plump DJs track ‘The Knife’ to Egostereo’s mix of Sultan ‘G Stringz’ it’s a fine showcase of the talent currently on the label. Check out Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson’s ‘The Piano’ or Stu Hirst teaming up with Sam Ball on ‘The Beat’. GU artists doing what they do best. Roll on the long, hot summers.

We are really proud of our companions from Italy - Egostereo guys coz their remix of Sultan's latest single G-Stringz is featured as a first track in compilation! As it deserves!

If i need to describe that tune, well first thing that crosses my mind is: elegance. Elegance of sound! Second that hits me: passion! This track is made with passion and from the soul - thats whats more then obvious from a beat to beat! Darker bass line, kicking underground drum, beautiful catching melody with a sort of violine sample in the backround - makes a wonderful tune, real spring cake for all underground progressive nerds around the globe.

U dont wanna miss this one - trust me on that one! So get it while its hot!

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