Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mykleby - Superman [ARR001]

The first single release on Arrival is from a new face -- Norwegian artist Magnus Mykleby -- and the release is titled "Superman". Smooth chords introduce the first track, the original mix of "Superman". Powerful additional strings as well as various sweeps establish a nice atmosphere, and the main theme becomes more energetic and melodic as the track progresses. Mykleby, Shoreliners aka Mango, and Luke Shipstad have created a second version of "Superman". In this version, we hear a more chilled beat, yet still accompanied by the (toned-down) chord riffs from the original mix. On top of the chord riffs, a brand new lead enhances the already melodic soundscape. "Sunshine" is the third track on this release, and firm chord riffs along with a cool beat are soon established; at the halfway point, a new main melody heightens the energy even more, and various sweet vocal elements are added in the background to create additional texture. The final track is "Summer Breeze", which begins with a rather summery array of chord riffs. As the track progresses, various melodies are added to create a more complex sound. The lush pads also help to provide a great foundation for the overall atmosphere.

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